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“Dogs are like wet cement -

whatever touches them makes a lasting impression.

So please make every touch loving.”


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About Dr. Fetko Dr. Fetko’s Philosophy

Dennis Fetko, Ph.D, a Certified Forensic Consultant, is affectionately called Dr. Dog by his audiences. He is an internationally renowned animal behavior, animal and human training, and organizational management expert with decades of experience.

Dr. Fetko has worked across the world, from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand, for over three decades.


With a doctorate and decades of experience, his input brings tremendous value.

His methods are very practical and extremely successful as evidenced by many testimonials.

Dr. Fetko with (L-R) Mugger, Huskie mix,

Shadia, Dobermen mix, and Bimbo,

St. Bernard/German Sheperd mix

(all rescues)

"Dogs are smart enough

to learn what we're dumb enough to teach."

"It's rewarding to work with animals knowing every success is a life saved.

It's even more gratifying to address hundreds of others and have one's efforts

magnified many times over.  Together we can make a tremendous positive,

rewarding difference for people AND animals!"      Dr. Fetko