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NAME:  Dennis Christopher Fetko

BORN:  Passaic, New Jersey, USA

EDUCATION                                                        WORK EXPERIENCE


LEGAL EXPERIENCE                                         COMMENDATIONS



Dog Bite Safety video and manual used by law enforcement, humane, animal control, kennel, educational, veterinary, postal, utility and boarding facilities here and abroad.

Operations Manual for the Saudi Arabian National Wildlife Research Center.

Audio and video cassette series covering canine and feline behavior, learning, socialization, training and behavior modification techniques.

Training and animal behavior articles in DOG WORLD Magazine; OFF LEAD Magazine; NACA NEWS Magazine; THE LATHAM LETTER Newsletter; ANIMAL BEHAVIOR CONSULTANTS Newsletter; and several publications by humane societies, animal organizations and animal departments internationally.

Canine personality and temperament evaluations and operational procedures for Children's Hospital's Canine Care Therapy Program and numerous Departments of Animal Control and Humane Societies nationally and internationally.

Hundreds of popular, topical, informative television and radio commentaries.

Resume of Dennis Fetko, Ph.D