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Dogs have been called the only love money can buy. They don’t love us sometimes or half-way or when it’s convenient or when they’re not busy. They love us totally, constantly, whether we’re promoted or fired, rich or poor, A or C students. They greet, warm, protect, alert, enrich, comfort and accompany us.

They also rely upon us for everything they need to live and thrive. Since they give us their best, they deserve our best. This site was designed with that in mind.

Analyzing Sudden, Dramatic Behavior Changes

Choosing Your Dog's NAME!

Using Your Dog's NAME!

Dr. Fetko’s Tips

"In dog training, jerk is a noun, not a verb."

"Force & violence cannot teach gentility"

"An outside dog has an address, not a home."

Barking Dogs

Dealing with Dog Trainers

Negative Effects of Tethering

You Can’t Teach Nothing

Praise Educationally!