Tying or chaining a dog (a fixed-point tether) is the WORST way to restrain it for several reasons. Bullet tethering contributes strongly and directly to aggression and increases the danger to humans and animals that encounter the tied dog.

Preferable options: Have the dog indoors, fence the property, or provide a run or kennel. If alternatives cannot be implemented, a species other than canine is indicated as a pet.

Dr. Fetko’s Tips Negative Effects of Tethering Praise Educationally

The more sense you make to your dog and the more positive you make the process of learning, the more success you have teaching him or her.

When we give a command and our dog obeys, it's common for us to say: "Good dog!" or "Good boy!" Sounds okay, right? But the last time he defied you, wasn't he a "dog?" And every time he does something you don't like, isn't he a "boy?" My point: Your dog obeys you, and you respond to his correct response, thinking you're rewarding his obedience - but he may not have the vaguest idea what you're rewarding! He's a boy dog whether or not he obeys you! From HIS point of view - and, after all, that's the one that matters most to him - how does he know what he did right and what to do again next time?

You can get better results in less time by using a simple procedure: Use the command word as the praise word. For example, you say "Sit!" and he does. Immediately praise by saying: "Good SIT! Good sit, Fido! Good sit!" Now he knows exactly what he did right! And hearing the word "sit" in a positive and animated tone makes him welcome hearing it again next time! And you just told him what to do to get great praise next time! It eliminates confusion, rewards the correct act, and encourages future performance! All results of using the command word as praise are positive and constructive! There is no down-side; it's all good!

Your dog is across the yard from you and you say: "Fido, come!" As soon as he breaks toward you, begin animated praise such as "Yes! Good come, Fido! Good come!" By then he'll probably be at your side, sitting. Praise him lavishly saying "come" positively and you will very likely achieve a very reliable recall!

Try using the command directive as the praise word and see what good results you get!