"Thank you sincerely for your outstanding contribution to the success of the conference....dynamic academic knowledge, streetwise appeal & humor mixed with practical experience, motivating & inspiring all....The Best Dog Control Conference ever held in New Zealand directly attributable to your presentations....all who criticized the money to bring you made a special effort to thank me for organizing your trip & stressed the benefits from your vast knowledge....You're THE BEST presenter ever to address a conference in our field in this country. I still receive compliments about the quality & content of the one & only Dr. Fetko's Seminars." "We gained valuable information from the dynamic Dr. Fetko....outstanding....informative, motivating, & thoroughly enjoyable." "Tushka has been an angel since we adopted the Fetko approach. Thank you so much."


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"You have exceeded all expectations."


"...I read about your Bite Prevention Video for animal control officers. I would be very grateful if you would send me a copy."


"We hold you in great esteem."


"Delightful blend of humor & of the most entertaining & kindest people I know...much of his work is done quietly, without recognition or remuneration."


"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the National Welfare Congress...Your professional, attitude and conduct make you most welcome here."