EDUCATION: Ph.D., Behavioral Psychology, 1981, Thesis: Pet Facilitated Therapy; extensive administrative, management, behavior & leadership experience & training.

INSTRUCTOR: UC San Diego & Riverside; San Diego State, Colorado State, National & Chapman Universities; Mesa & Palomar Colleges; National Animal Control Association; international, national, state & regional animal academies & humane organizations.

AUTHOR: Saudi Arabia National Wildlife Research Center Operations Manual; Children's Hospital Canine Therapy Program evaluation; cassettes on handling, training & behavior; Animal Officer bite safety manual & video; behavior & training articles.

MEMBER: MENSA, AFTRA, San Diego Zoo's Research, Conservation & Animal Health Committee, Animal Behavior Society, National Animal Control Association, Scientists' Center for Animal Welfare, Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The Delta Society, World Wildlife Fund, others.

CONSULTANT: Zoological & Humane Societies, Departments of Animal Control, Human/Canine Search & Rescue Units, Hospitals, Noise Abatement Bureaus, Nursing & Convalescent Homes, Guide & Service Dog Programs, clinics, researchers, therapists, others.

SPEAKER: National Animal Control Association; American Humane Association; New Zealand Institute Of Dog Control Officers; Society of Animal Welfare Administrators; Animal Protection Institute; Humane Society of the US; CA Animal Control Directors Association; KY, AZ, OR, UT, KS, WA & MI Animal Control Associations; CA Veterinary Medical Association; CA State Senate Hearings; San Diego County Department of Animal Control & Search & Rescue Unit; San Diego Police Department; Animal Welfare Congress of Brazil;others.

EXPERIENCE: Extensive international managerial, administrative & leadership & animal & staff training; forensic expert; decades of full-time successful practice; human/animal training & behavioral therapy since 1960; public speaker since 1968; managed Saudi Arabian National Wildlife Research Center; Director, American Dog Owners Association; Karate, Ju-Jitsu & Aikido instructor; combat paratrooper decorated for valor, achievement & merit; more.

Brief Bio of Dennis Fetko, PHD