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Animal Poison Control Hotlines

I get many messages asking about the danger of animals ingesting various substances. I advise them to call their veterinarian, local emergency animal clinic or an animal poison control hotline IMMEDIATELY.

Do something right now that may save your pet's life: Put a note next to all the phones in your home or office containing those phone numbers.

Here are some USA national numbers:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

(888) 4ANIHELP (426-4435)

$45.00 per case (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

The Center will do as many follow-up calls as necessary in
critical cases, and at the owner’s request will contact their
veterinarian. The Center also provides via fax specific treatment
protocols and current literature citations when indicated.

(900) 443-0000

$45.00 per case charged to the owner’s phone bill.

The Center will do as many follow-up calls as necessary in critical cases,
and at the owner’s request will contact their veterinarian. These
follow-up calls can be made by calling (888) 299-2973.

University of Illinois Pet Poison Hotline: 217-333-3611.

University of Georgia Pet Poison Hotline: 404-542-6751.

If anyone has other USA numbers, numbers for other countries or regions, or updates on these, post them to me & I'll keep this list current.



Many things around your home can be toxic to you & animals. Only parts of some are, others only at certain times of year, & others only in large quantities. Sprays or fertilizers may hurt & confuse symptoms. Check with your veterinarian or poison center. Common signs: Drooling, trembling, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, coma & disorientation.

Acorns; Alcohol-ethanol, methanol, isopropyl; Almonds; Alocasia; Amaryllis, Daffodil, Iris & Tulip bulbs; Anemone; Angel's Trumpet (Datura candida); Anthurium; Apple seeds; Apple Leaf Croton; Apricot & Peach pits; Arrowgrass; Arrowhead; Asparagus Fern; Autumn Crocus; Avocado; Azaleas.

Balsam Pear; Baneberry; Bayonet; Beargrass; Begonia; Belladonna; Bird Of Paradise berries; Bittersweet; Black Cherry; Black-Eyed Susan; Black Locust; Bleeding Heart; Bloodberry; Bloodroot; Bluebonnets; Boston Ivy; Bottlebrush; Boxwood; Bracken fern; Branching Ivy; Buckeye; Buddist Pine; Buckthorn; Burning Bush; Buttercup.

Cactus; Caffeine; Candelabra; Caladiums; Calamondin Orange; Calla Lily; Candlenut; Cardinal Flower; Castor beans; Ceriman; Chalice Vine; Charming Diefenbachia; Cherries, Seeds & Laural; China & Christmas Berry; Chinese Gooseberry; Chinese Sacred Bamboo; Choke Cherry; Christmas Candle; Christmas tree water; Christmas Rose; Chrysanthemum; Cigars, Cigarettes & butts - all nicotine; Cineraria; Clematis; Cordatum; Clematis; Clusia; Common Box; Common Privet; Coral Plant; Coriaria; Corn, Cornflower & Cornstalk Plant; Corydalis; Crocus; Croton; Crown of Thorns; Cuban Laurel; Cutleaf Philodendron; Cycads; Cyclamen.

Daffodil; Daphne; Datura; Deadly Nightshade; Death Camas; Delphinium; Destroying Angel; Devil's Ivy; Dicentrea; Dieffenbachia; Dogwood; Dracaena Palm; Dragon Tree; Dumbcane.

Easter Lily; Eggplant; Elaine Codiaeum; Elderberry; Elephant Ears; Emerald Feather; English Holly, Ivy & Yew; Eucalyptus; Eunymus; Euphorbia; Evergreen; Exotica Perfection Dieffenbachia.

Ferns; Fiddle-leaf Fig; Flax; Florida Beauty; Four o'Clock; Foxglove; Fruit pits; Fruit Salad plant.

Garden Glow; Garden Sorrel; German Ivy; Giant Dumb Cane; Glacier Ivy; Glory Lily; Gold Dieffenbachia; Gold Dust Dracaena; Golden Chain, Glow & Pothos; Gopher Purge; Green Dragon; Green Gold Nephthysis; Ground Cherry.

Hanh's Self-Branching English Ivy; Heartleaf Philodendron; Hellebore; Hemlock; Henbane; Holly; Honeysuckle; Horsebeans; Horsebrush; Horse Chestnut; Horsehead Philodendron; Horsetail Reed; Hurricane Plant; Hyacinth; Hydrangea.

Impatiens; Indian Laurel; Indian Rubber Plant; Indian Splurge Tree; Iris; Ivy.

Jack-In-The-Pulpit; Janet Craig Dracaena; Japanese Plum & Yew; Java Beans; Jerusalem Cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum); Jessamine; Jimson Weed; Jonquil; Jungle Trumpets.

Kalanchoe; Kentucky Coffee Tree.

Lacy Tree Philodendron; Lantana; Lantana Camara; Larkspur (Delphinum); Laurels; Lily; Lily-Of-The-Valley; Lily Spider; Lima Beans; Locoweed; Lobelia; Lords & Ladies; Lupine.

Madagasgar Dragon Tree; Malanga; Marble Queen; Marigold; Marijuana; Matrimony Vine; Medicine Plant; Mescal; Mexican Breadfruit; Milkweed; Miniature Croton; Mistletoe; Moccasin Flower; Mock Orange; Monkeypod; Monkshood (Wolf bane); Monsteras; Moonseed; Morning Glory; Mother-in-Law; Mountain Laurel; Mushrooms.

Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo); Narcissus; Needlepoint Ivy; Nephthytis; Nicotiana (Ornamental tobacco); Night Blooming Jasmine; Nightshade; Nutmeg; Nux Vomica.

Oaks; Oleander; Onion; Oxalis.

Panda; Peace Lily; Peach, Pear & Plum seeds; Pencil Cactus & Tree; Peony; Periwinkle; Peyote; Philodendron; Philodendron Pertusum; Pigweed; Pimpernel; Plumosa Fern; Poinciana; Poinsettia; Poison Hemlock, Ivy, Oak & Sumac; Pokeweed; Pongam; Poppy; Potato leaves & stem; Pothos; Precatory Bean; Primula; Privet; Purple Foxglove; Pyracantha.

Red Angel's Trumpet; Red Emerald; Red Princess; Red-Margined Dracaena; Redwood; Rhododendron; Rhubarb leaves; Ribbon Plant; Rosary Pea; Rosemary; Rubber Plant.

Saddle Leaf Philodendron; Sage; Sago Palm; Sandbox Tree; Satin Pothos; Schefflera; Scotch Broom; Shamrock; Silver Pothos; Skunk Cabbage; Snapdragon; Snowdrops; Snow on the Mountain; Soapberry; Solandra; Split Leaf Philodendron; Spotted Dumb Cane; Spurges; Squirrel Corn; Staggerweed; Star Of Bethlehem; String of Pearls/Beads; Striped Dracaena; Sweetheart Ivy; Sweetpea; Swiss Cheese plant.

Tansy Mustard; Taro Vine; Thornapple; Tiger Lily; Toadstool; Tobacco; Tomato; Tree Philodendron; Tree Tobacco; Tropic Snow Dumbcane; True Aloe; Tulip Bulbs; Tung Tree.

Variable Dieffenbachia; Variegated Philodendron; Variegated Rubber Plant; Venus Flytrap; Virginia Creeper.

Warneckei Dracaena; Water Hemlock; Weeping Fig; Western Yew; Wild Call; Wisteria.

Yellow Allamanda & Jasmine; Yew.

ALSO Chocolate (dogs); aspirin & aspirin substitutes (cats), Lysol, Pinesol, Phisoderm, hexachlorophene, Phenol-group Coal & Wood Tar derivatives (cats); all anti-freezes; pesticides; some flea products; some fertilizers & vegetables; tinsel, ornaments, ribbons, wrappings & Christmas tree water.