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At some point every pet owner will have behavior problems! Whether their dog barks too much, drags them down the street, fights with other dogs, causes damage or is overly aggressive, or their cat stops using the litter box, tears up their furniture or attacks their new cat, you know something is going to happen! That's why dogs get thrown out, banished to the yard - and why so many shelters are so crowded. And ALL children will encounter dogs some time, whether or not their family has one. If the dog is aggressive, the kids are in danger.

Offer an excellent product that keeps animals with their families, increases everyone's safety AND makes money! High profit, universal need, easy sales and storage, and no spoilage makes these tapes the ideal tool! Join Guide Dogs For The Blind, Inc. and the universities, shelters, humane societies, animal control departments, veterinary clinics, groomers, boarding kennels & obedience trainers profiting from helping animals and their owners and training their personnel!
bullet"Top-notch, scientifically sound information presented in an entertaining and sometimes hilarious manner....he manages to entertain and educate at the same time. Excellent advice here." Dog Fancy Magazine

In this audio series I outline causes, explanations and solutions I use every day to treat the most common owner complaints. Decades of full-time applied experience and impressive credentials uniquely qualify me to address universal problems in an amusing and informative manner. Using these tapes can AVOID & SOLVE problems! Buyers of the Housebreaking tape have successfully housetrained their new pups in 36 hours! Pulling has been stopped within minutes! THIS STUFF WORKS!
bullet"Dr. Dog, a noted behaviorist and lecturer, outlines solutions to the most common complaints dog owners have. The appropriate tapes can be offered as an alternative to surrender if the reason is behavioral, thereby keeping the dog with its adoptive family....can also be offered with puppies to avoid such problems in the future..." Humane Society of the United States

Just some of the ways the tapes are used:

SHELTERS & SOCIETIES use them to raise needed funds, reduce returned adoptees, increase community and staff expertise, decrease abusive handling and training methods, and reduce total surrenders.

TRAINERS use them to increase profits while solving behavior problems. Few people enroll for formal obedience; they have problems. These tapes reduce drop-outs and increase customer satisfaction and referrals.

VETERINARIANS use them to increase profits, train staff members and keep pets with their families.

PET SHOPS, GROOMERS & KENNELS use them to broaden services and product lines, provided needed assistance and increase income.

HUMANE/ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS use them to improve handling, training and husbandry levels, increase officer and citizen safety, and determine adoption suitability.
bullet"When members of the community consider giving up their pets because of behavior problems, they usually ask our advice first. With your audio tapes that we have for sale, we are able to help these people with their problems. We always suggest #1, 'Teaching & Learning,' as well as others for specific problems such as housebreaking, chewing & digging, barking, & aggression. We have not see a single case of anyone who has purchased these tapes & then turned their animals into our shelter. That is wonderful for the animals. Not only do the animals benefit, but KHS has made a profit." Kentucky Humane Society

This series has received rave reviews from myriad users. Everyone with a dog will find them invaluable. And they make perfect and useful gifts! Tapes are upgraded as I develop advanced techniques or new research is released, so they consistently represent the most humane, progressive methods. And since I train and counsel full-time, you KNOW my approach succeeds! My living depends upon success!
bullet"Unique expertise & common sense...I wish more trainers thought like you." Dr. Bernard Rollin

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