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Dr. Fetko's Field Officer Safety Training

You can now make Dr. Dennis Fetko's Field Officer Safety Training available to your entire staff!

Provide all your people with the benefits of an in-depth Video Seminar on avoiding and defending against dog bites.

This is a far more detailed and comprehensive program than Dr. Fetko has presented at conferences. It was made in response to the tremendous number of requests for such an officer safety training program from conference attendees.

Daily problems and unexpected crisis situations are addressed. This video will help your officers control every encounter.

The training program consists of a 96 minute video presentation and an individual manual for each officer to use and keep. It has been established that periodic review of classroom materials makes information second nature. Vital points will be available whenever the officer feels the need. We encourage note-taking and have designed the manual as a workbook.

The manual contains a test to be completed by each officer and turned in to their supervisor. This verifies individual in-depth exposure and completion of the safety program for your personnel files.

Humane Animal Control... Protect Your Department...


Description Price
Field Officer Safety Video

(96 min.) Standard VHS

$ 99.95
Field Officer Safety Manual

(1 per officer)

$ 10.00


  • Video Shipping : $ 5.00 each in the US, US $ 10 outside the US.
  • Manual Shipping :  $ 1.00 each in the US, US $ 2.00 outside the US.
  • Although most orders are filled a day or two after their arrival, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.





Field Officer Safety Video
Price: $99.95
Shipping: $5.00

Field Officer Safety Manual
Price: $10.00
Shipping: $1.00


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